LITTLE BIG - SEX MACHINE (Official Music Video)

Опубліковано 8 бер 2021
Listen to SEX MACHINE by Little Big:

Written by Ilia Prusikin, Danny Zuckerman
Produced by Viktor Sibrinin

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LITTLE BIG production:

Idea: Iliya Prusikin
Script: Iliya Prusikin, Alina Pasok
Director: Alina Pasok, Iliya Prusikin
DOP: Alexander Pavlov
Executive Producer: Nastya Antipova
Art director: Daria Ukhvatova
Сostume designer: Masha Sivyakova
Junior producer: Ekaterina Mironova
Style: Elmira Tulebaeva
Stylist assistants: Elizaveta Kolmina
Property Master: Ekaterina Mironova
Production assistant and props: Roman Konshin, Maxim Harin
Chief Lighting technician: Stas Gerasimov
Lightening crew: Savchenko Igor, Voytov Aleksey, Kolobayev Aleksandr, Bobin Ivan, Zakharov Vladimir, Avvakumov Denis, Yakovlev Anton, Nurmagomedov Ismail, Lenko Alexander
1st AC, 2nd AC: Pavel Smolyakov
Playback: Dmitry Chirukhin
Camera crane: Trifonov Gennady, Oskin Mikhail, Titov Oleg, Kozlov Mikhail
Decorators: Batychko Nikolay, Antonenkov Sergey, Kostikov Dmitry, Lomovtsev Danila, Kantemirov Anatoly, Konovalchuk Andrey and others
Pyrotechnics: Markin Pavel, Markin Vladislav, Anisimov Andrey, Petrov Vladimir, Mikhailov Andrey
Administrator: Kolya Katromin
Assistants: Balashov Andrey, Stupin Vyacheslav, Tarankov Evgeniy
Make-up artist: Masha Francevich
Make-up assistants: Glasha Gurianova, Nepryakhina Maria
Hair artist: Petr Bogdanov
Hair artist assistants: Bibikova Anastasia, Ushakova Ekaterina, Olga Zhuk
Dancer Coordinator: Emelyanova Maria, Petrovskaya Anna
Designer: Shulya
Choreographer: Dilanyan Sima, Ukraintseva Zhanna
Editing: Alina Pasok, Iliya Prusikin
Colorist: Dmitriy Novikov
VFX, CG: Alexandr Stepanov
Sound design: Stas Kravets
Video backstage: Kirill Myagkov
Photo backstage: Akhiyarov Timur, Evgeny Romanov


Iliya Prusikin
Sonya Tayurskaya
Anton Lissov
Dmitry Krasilov
Dilanyan Sima
Ten Vladimir
Pischasova Vladlena
Alexey Alesikov
Ezhova Ksenia
Cherkashina Daria
Nazarov Andrey
Djouguela Christian
Anischenko Nikita
Zhenya Arguelles
Vasily Denisov
Kuen Woo
Nazarov Andrey
Ukraintseva Zhanna
Bystrov Alexander
Bondarenko Ekaterina
Nastya Antipova

Technical equipment: LKS rental

Special Thanks:
Vanya Fedotov
Sergey Duborov
Andrey Biryukov
Atelier "Soultiss", Saint-Petersburg
Maxim Pastuhov
Lesha Zalozhuk

We express our deep gratitude to "Kirovsky Zavod", St. Petersburg, especially to Ekaterina Klyuchnikova

We express our deepest gratitude to the "RIK Containers" company for the equipment provided to shoot the video. ricboxru


  • Its Just me or I see a very evidence reference to MC Hammer in some parts of this dance?

    • There's also a reference to Men in Black

  • Вот танцоры класс!!! Как так можно танцевать?????

  • Beep, beep, I'm a sheep

  • когда здали ЕГЭ все на 100 баллов:)

  • Fuckin dope

  • Es kind

  • What happened to Olympia Ivleva? How come she doesn't seem to be in any songs or the group anymore? She was great!!

  • Мне пухлый нравица классно ты был форте боярин♥️🥰

  • Credits to Tomska? 😂

  • Everyone in this vid is just dressed like a JoJo character

  • The choreography is always **mwah!**

  • Днище, раньше было лучше

  • Beep beep I'm a sheep, I said beep beep I'm a sheep


  • So, what he mean?

  • Я очень люблю эту музыку! нет ничего подобного

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  • Как зовут красивую девушку большого размера?

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  • Here is a Chinese fan.😆

  • Whoa, I just watched the Eurovision video! It’s like inception!

  • Что с ними стало...

  • ¡Es muuuuy bueno! Y termina donde comienza el próximo video.

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  • robe guy got some mad moves on him

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  • this is so ... MC Hammer ... i like it ^^

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  • Я это смотрю в 11 лет

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  • Правдой я перевёл песни а там такая лажа

  • Классно что Литл БИК поют на английском а сами русские

  • Another awesome song by little big!! Love it 😍 And the stage with the yellow stairs is the same they used in East 17's 'it's alright " music video ;)

  • Our poor dancer friend, dances his heart out for us in Uno, has a meltdown in Taco, gets his mind wiped by the MIB, can't he get a break

  • very ugly humans in the video , we need to make males and females very beauty feminine because what we are given is ugly

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  • took me 2 months to like little big and now i adore little big

  • Литл Биг уже не вмоде

  • Supermax про сэкс машину пел, если не ошибаюсь в 80-х. 82-й год вроде. А так всё на месте. Респект.

  • красотка софа тут похожа на айлу фишер из какого-то фильма, не помню какого...

  • Настоящие мужики не носят гребаные штаны в обтяжку

  • The title is sussy but the music is banger

  • I didn't know this was a prequel for Uno. Damn, these guys are so entertaining!

  • why does it sound like beep beep im a sheep?

  • Все говорят про пухляша, но вы зацените эту шикарную девушку в синем 💙

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  • no se si a sido cocidencia pero viva ximo bayo

  • You can never have too much HORN!!! ❤️

  • I was reading somewhere that the two leads Sonya and Illya are now dating. Maybe this song is a reference of that.

  • Woah, dude, that plot came full circle and blew my mind >

  • тату 1985 отсылает на с к той эпохе в стиле которой снят клип, а название напомнило о фильме "от заката до рассвета" с одноименным персонажем из бара "twisted ....".

  • She’s actually banging

  • One of the best bands ever :)

  • Мало кто знает но текст песни почти копирует текст песни ютубера Tomska с его Bep bep i`m a sheep

  • 2:25 @Natoo chorégraphe pour Little Big

  • Gasoline

  • Perhaps the most 90s thing since the 90s.

  • Toujours aussi excellent !

  • всему приходит конец )

  • Cant touch this

  • Premiere with a live chat in the future please.

  • Been showing Little Big to everybody I can in the US since Hateful Love keep it up out there in Russia gang

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  • Your mission is completed by making me fall in love

    • You fall in love with Ilya mustache or with his legs?)

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  • 2021 Brazil and me here watching all the Little Big videos, I love it so much!

  • is it just me or does this song sound like beep beep im a sheep ?

  • Лисов в этом клипе чисто отдыхает

  • Beep beep I'm a sheep, I said beep beep I'm a ship

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  • What the fuck have I just witnessed?

  • XD

  • Класс ! Роллеры из 70 х , герои VHS 90х , ремейк клипа Hammer , 80e ! Ну и .. Я же секс машина ты подлей мне бензина !

  • My friends call me Love Machine but it's close enough to be my anthem xD Through whole song I thought you talking to me XD

  • 2:50 Grande Ibai !!

  • 10year me:

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  • Apparently David Bowie is still alive and hiding out in Russia.

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  • I want a collab between Little Big, LMFAO and Little Sis Albatrous

  • I Like Little Big.... but this is a bullshit..

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  • Is anyone getting STOMP vibes from parts of this?

  • I just love how the guy in the track suit links three videos together.

  • Sex Machine leading right into Uno! I did not see that coming! Big love to Little Big.

  • Degrees of Craziness:🔻 🔻7)Oliver Tree (American) 🔻6)Hatters (Russians) 🔻5) Morgenshtern (Russian) 🔻4)Little Big (Russians) 🔻3)Salvatore Ganacci (Bosnia and Herzegovina/Sweden) 🔻2)Tommy Cash ( Estonian) 🔻1) You, who are wasting your time watching the videos of the guys above, instead of doing your homework

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  • Вот много времени прошло, с того момента, когда посмотрел клип первый раз и написал отзыв, а всё нет-нет да пересматриваю, и с удовольствием. Визуальный ряд продуман до самых мелочей, каждый элемент в картинке идеален и красив, можно рассматривать раз за разом, обращая внимание на мелочи, и получать от этого эстетическое наслаждение. Автору визуала (идеи), операторам, костюмерам, танцорам, осветителям и пр. - большое спасибо за удовольствие!